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I took this photo in the Djeema El-Fna, the old central square of Marakesh, Morocco in November 1980. I got there by the "Marakesh Express." Listen to the song by Crosby, Stills and Nash and that's what the world's wierdest trainride was really like. Ducks, goats, chickens, hash smoking hippies and facing me was me a gracious 300 pound Berber woman with a tatoo on her forehead. She spoke a few words of English and I few words of French. We had a nice conversation while she was breast-feeding a baby. Yes, that's right, Arab women breast-feed their babies in public. Nobody thinks it's a big deal. She graciously reached down into a bag and took out a goat-meat sandwich and offered to me. I ate it, and it was delicouus. In case you're wondering, that's not a rubber toy around this guy's neck but a very real live rattlesnake. He was offering to place it around my neck for fun when I snapped his picture. No thanks!

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