When the Object is "Well-seen"

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When the Object is "Well-seen"
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One of my teachers, Alfredo, used to use a phrase "bien visto" when I did a drawing that he liked. I know the times that he was pleased with my work he would always say this. It means "well seen." This means that I was concentrating on the object and a really saw it the way it was. To concentrate on something I had to put all my attention on it, as if it were the only thing in the world. Even if I were stressed out or tired. Many times we look at an object, but we don't really see it in all its nuances and detail. Many times we hear people talk but never really listen with complete attention. Attention changes everything. This is one of my favorite drawings. Yes, the object is boring. Not much excitement over an old boot. But I was really seeing the boot that day. I think I just looked at it for ten minutes before I picked up the pencil.