Pencil Drawing

Mark Palermo's Artwork

Human Face- Emotion Red
Human Face- Emotion Blue
Pencil Drawing
Study in the Spirit World
Woman is an Island
When the Object is "Well-seen"
Anatomy Study
Bad Cop
Old Age
A Spanish Girl


I was a student at the Dario School of Art in Madrid, Spain in 1984, for some a long time ago, but not for the inevitable march of time. I loved pencil drawing at the time, though Professor Antonio, a really good teacher, was always pressing me to "go on" to charcoals, or water painting. Pencil drawing with a plain old #2 pencil was looked down upon by students at the school, many of whom were first rate artists. But I always felt the common pencil to be an amazingly expressive medium. So I said the hell with what the other students think. I am the one paying the money to go to school. And I did manage to learn something about pencil drawing. And it was a satisfying experience.