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Watch Phil Donahue Dismember "Bellicose Bill, the Bully"
How to Deal With Police Encounters
Robert Kennedy Jr. on conservative phonies
Flying cars are here
Debunking myths about the third world
Authorities say cigarettes not harmful to health
Watch This Before Enlisting
Bellicose Bill O'Reilly Blows a Gasket
Ron Paul Slams Republican Warmongers
Martin Luther King on War
Adbuster Ad- rejected by TV Networks
Ike on the Military Industrial Complex
If I Were a Terrorist
Fox New Blocks Sally Field Anti-war Speech at Emmy's
Bush Admits 9-11 Had Nothing to Do With Iraq
Bush Can't Answer Simple Question about Torture
The Silence Will Not Protect You
The Fluoride Scam
The History of Political Correctness
How the Media Works
The Manufacture of Necessary Illusion
Depleted Uranium Page
Great Speeches-'Winning the Cultural War' by Charlton Heston
great speeches- Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Amnesty International on Waterboarding

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The Gross National Debt

### Iraq War Cost


"In our dream, we have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand. The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or science. We are not to raise up from among them authors, orators, poets, or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians. Nor will we cherish even the humbler ambition to raise up from among them lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply." -Rockefeller Foundation Director of Charity, Frederick Gates, 1913

Facebook censorship of March Against Monsanto

Mark Palermo's REAL NEWS LINKS

Coca-cola keeps you thin! 1961 commercial

What chemtrails do to us- Dr. Russell Blaylock

Master guitarist Joe Pass solo

11 stories of famous circus sideshow performers

Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals

Chinese cops beat stray dog to death in front of its homeless owner

Dramatic feds surrender to angry American citizens

8 beers that you should stop drinking now

Incinerated aborted babies used to heat UK hospital

True stories behind 11 side-show performers

Amazing John Blohm plays Boogie Woogie piano

Chinese cops beat stray dog to death in front of owner

5 phases of awakening to the dangers of vaccinations

Italian man's song about gay man becoming straight, says it ruined his career

Dangers, cover-ups of SSRI antidepressants

Astounding 70% of Americans on big pharma drugs

Screaming Jay Hawkins- I put a Spell on You (1964)

Fred on everything: on criminals

What if police claim they smell marijuana

10 richest dead celebrity earners

If you're fat,it's your fault

Bettie Page and the Ku Klux Klan

Nelson Mandela; his dark side

Radioactive cesium from Fukushima found in Canada drinking water

Ukraine's Mother Teresa

Warning about fluoride in water

This is what your tap water looks like

Thailand: protestors bring prayer books to gunfight- and win...

Matrix of conformity: 9 traps for today's youth

11 most blatant illuminati videos and performances

Walt Disney on What's My Line (November 1956)

CIA's role in 1960's rock and roll

Plastic bags can be converted into deisel fuel

Look in the mirror, America- This is what we have become

Mental illness is the new normal

10 shocking facts about mercury fillings

Dr. Helen Caldicott- awful truth about Fukushima

Stunning aerial views of the world's cities

NYC douses parks with Roundup dozens of times per year. Is your city doing the same?

Priest conceived in rape forgave father and heard his confession

9 spiritual truths we weren't taught in school

1991 ABC TV program shows live exorcism

Epidemic of iodine deficiency

Holing Wolf on Shindig (1965)

10 worst dirty tricks in US political history

5 things to know about the Monsanto Protection Act

Hip Hugger- Booker T and the MG's live 1970

Kansas school poster listing sex acts as part of official school curriculum

Texas man gives 75 cents to a homeless man- is stopped and held by police for one hour

Prince Bandar mastermind of Saudi terror network

$175 headband allows you to control your dreams

Putin tells gays coming to winter olympics to "leave children alone"

Almost 70% of Americans on prescription drugs

29 life lessons learned

Top 10 worst GMO foods

Topless protester leaps on altar at Christmas mass in German Cathederal

Venus- Shocking Blue (1969)

There are some weird people in this world

Western US being hit with Fukushima radiation

Yellow River - Christie (1970)

Paul MacCartney: a life in pictures

Nuke guards caught sleeping with doors open

Process for handling your negative emotions

Toilet themed California restaurant serves food in urinals

What the cancer industry does not want you to know

Girl eats nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years

The Three Stooges on the Steve Allan Show (1959)

700k windfall- Russian man outwits bank with amended hand written credit contract

Why have Japan's young people stopped having sex?

Underaged Somalian girl trafficked to UK for organ harvesting

Self-love: the ultimate goal of life

Dusty Springfield: A House Is Not a Home (1970)

Fast Food Burgers Can Contain as Little as 2% Meat

Albuquerque,NM- abortions permitted until 9th month of pregnancy +

100 Abandoned Houses in Detroit

Zimmerman family receiving 400 death threats a minute through social media

Rich people full of different chemicals than the poor

Docs surgically remove 6-inch worm from man's brain

1920's New York City- then and now

Pedal powered helicopter wins prize

Vintage Jerry Lee Lewis

Cold fusion reactor independently verified

Interactive nuke map

WW2 VD posters

Some embarrassing questions about online education

30 things to start doing for yourself

Morning in North Korea- very strange...

My dad was in a band

The Fifth Dimension - Wedding Bell Blues- 1969 version from live TV broadcast

Nearly 70% of all Americans on prescription drugs

Urban exploration- Montreal's abandoned industrial sites

USDA admits extermination birds, crops, bees

Bitter truth about MSG

Nelson Mandela: a reconsideration

The Tremolos- 1969- Silence is Golden

45 Republican pedophiles

20 sex tips for men

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: If you support traditional marriage, we don't ant your business...

Every Scottish child to have a state appointed overseer

Interspecies affair: Eccentric fashion designer wants to marry his cat

Prostitution policies of 100 countries

Hundreds of thousands demonstrating to oppose gay marriage in France

Bolivian rape-murder suspect buried alive

Chris Hedges: the end of globalization

Homeschooling growing 7 times faster than traditional school enrollments

Nations around the world rejecting Monsanto and GMO food

Jack Kerouac's last interview

10 projects that could change the world

Five ways US can have an Icelandic revoution

Ray Manzarek organ solo live Boston (1970)

India in rape crisis

Mexico protests Monsanto with a carnival of corn

Montreal now sex tourism capital of North America

Nestle CEO: water is not a right, but a commodity to be privatized

Awesome Elvis 1968 Gospel Music: If I Can Dream

5 bad things about Monsanto

Amazing solar power invention

100 dangerous food additives

US Senate rejects GMO labeling bill

The Millions Against Monsanto Campaign

School science experiment: plants won't grow near Wi-fi router!

Roxxy- the talking sex robot

Russia not to tolerate further Israeli attacks on Syria

Get ready for coming 3D hologram cellphone

Jewish Zionist anger over Steven Hawking boycott

Three rapes per hour every hour in US military

British attorney proposal for lowering legal age of consent for sex to 13

Peru bans all GMO crops

Top 10 drugs with quarterly sales over one billion dollars

Rise of white flight in Britain

Youth unemplolyment in Greece hits 64%

12 years/ Drug decriminalization working in Portugal

Mexican vigilantes take back their town

Docs don't want patients to see their medical records

Chinese Cultural Revolution- man who denounced his own mother

Brazil's Miss Bum-Bum pageant winner

10 surprising quotes from abortionists

Israel and Iran- a love story? yes...

Young men giving up on marriage- women aren't women anymore

Raymond Loewy: the man who made the future

Why flu shots don't work

Cancer timebomb for children

Top ten cannabis studies US wished it had never funded

25 incredible photos from history

Louie Armstrong live in Belgium (1959)

Brain damage from synthetic marijuana

Clinton: all the president's women

India passes mandatory GMO labeling law

US sailors sue Japanese govenment over radiation

Photo of baby reaching out of womb goes viral

5 biggest myths pushed by US healthcare system

Spanish locksmiths refuse to assist in evictions

More countries rejecting GM food

Coming eventually: print your own organs

How to evade government snooping and stay anonymous online

Haunting pictures of the final days of the USSR

The cost of US wars

10 examples of people punished for their views on traditional marriage

White people were slaves too: the forgotten story

Interview with Issei Sagawa, cannibal

Randolph Bourne anti-war essays

Rape victims in India fight back in mass protest

Magnificent Jane Russell in the French Line

Binge drinking in Britain

More US soldier suicides than combat deaths in 2012

5000 mark winter solstice at Stonehege

Prize in Italian lottery: supermarket job

Argentina massive looting: photos

Geoengineering: poisoning of the world

Iceland's example to the world

Martha and the Vandellas "Dancing in the Street" (1965)

Country singer Randy Travis in OUI arrest naked

California's failed Prop 37 biggest supporter was Monsanto

How to turn on "do not track" in your browser

10 signs of a psychopath

How the wild west REALLY looked

Man gets arrested intentionally to get prison health care

Best vitamins to stop Alzheimer's Disease

Father knows best- cultural memes from the 1950's

This is why guns are not allowed in China

Self awareness of the narcissist

The old neighborhoods of Toronto

Toronto nativity scene vandalized fifth time in six years

Islamophobia is real

The strange story of Fordlandia

Latin Lupe Lu- The Kingsmen from 1965

Poisoned Pennsylvania town abandoned in 1984

30 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true

Photos from "Mugshot Row"

Mom faces down SWAT team and tank for refusing to drug her daughter

10 vitamin supplements for enhanced intelligence

Cronyism or capitalism?

The Supremes (1964) Come see about me

Sir Douglas Quintet - "Mendocino" - 25 January 1969, Playboy After Dark

66-year-old Buddhist is world's happiest man

The best night $500,000 can buy

Bar owner hid body of dead customer to stay open during weekend

Japanese discount stores to sell only products from contaminated area

Slavery footprint website- how many slaves work for you?

Open letter to Sarah Silverman

US has lost 8 nuclear bombs

What happens when you eat 20-year-old cereal?

Chemtrails cause nervous system damage

10 forbidden questions for pro-choice candidates

Russia bans GMO corn from US

Fukushima reactor 4 problem- threatens civilization

Hello Walls- Faron Young from 1961

Difference between Obama and Romney- must see

Amazing panoramic view of Mars

10 reasons why we fail

Elderly Vietnamese woman brings peace to aborted and abandoned babies

The Seekers- A World of Our Own- 1966

The woman who stopped the 2007 invasion of Iran

10 signs she might not be "the one" after all

Jerry Lee Lewis- Sun Records recording of Break Up

Myths of memory repression and recovery

Mom sues Planned Parenthood after daughter dies in botched abortion

Ananymous hacks IRS database- publishes Romeny's tax returns- Romney pays less than 1% tax

You'll never be Chinese

11 things that turn guys off during sex

Amazing Barney Kessell plays the blues

Guy's advice to women- how to turn a first date into a relationship

"After birth abortion" proposal put forward

82-year-old nun and two others breach US nuclear security facility

Sky Saxon and the Seeds- Pushin Too Hard, 1966

How TV affects your brain

20 weeks pregnant with twins, woman opts for an abortion

Philosopher Allan Watts on death

US congressman telling it like it is

Dirty secrets behind origins of rap music

Ten methods of modern mind control

Chinese soldiers use flame thrower to destroy huge wasp hive

New York couple, 85, remarry after 48 years

Harvard study: fluoride lowers intelligence

Health basics: what is MSG?

The checkpoint: terro, power, cruelty

Free download: The deliberate dumbing down of America

Heroic 88-year-old Chinese woman saves 30 aborted children from trash

Mom faces off cops, swat team with TANK- for refusing to give daughter psych drugs

The greatest speech ever made- Charlie Chaplin

Jerry Lee Lewis 1958 scandal

14 new surveillance technologies

Ex-Japan prime minister in anti-nuke rally

GM apples don't turn brown inside after being bitten into

Inside Led Zeppelin's jet

Colon Powell - his not-so-finest hour

Blues Master Billy Boy Arnold "You Better Cut That Out"

Conservative loses fear of universal health care

100 ways to motivate yourself

Three and a half minutes of brutal honesty

Mexican elections: when even bribery doesn't pay

The Love Party: anti war group in London

Italians and African immigration

Infringement therapy in action

One container ship pollutes as much as 50 million cars

Man blows own courtroom defense by bragging on Facebook

Romney lies about investment in aborted fetus disposal company

Eating less food increases lifespan

69 amazing sex facts

Black market for body parts spreads to Europe

Fluoride savings in Canada put to better use

Pro-life Aristotle interview

Miles Davis: ultimate cool jazz from 1959

Planned Parenthood's hostages

Drunken man farts on cop: charged with assault

Interview with James Howard Kunstler

Lobbying the APA to normalize pedophilia

Real causes of Sudden Death Infant Syndrome

The incredible Tony Rice: country guitar legend

Jimmy Carter on US human rights record

Wes Montgomery and Liza Minelli 1967

Will your girlfriend make a good wife?

Einstean: the unbelievable African grey parrot

Daniel Barenboim: Germans are prisoners of their past

CBC admits: We are all slaves to central bankers

Research: Gulf shrimp widely contaminated

Remote controlled mosquito sized drone

Video of VJ day 1945

Conspiracy of silence: child sex rings of the rich and powerful

Frank Sinatra mug shot from 1938

Oscar Peterson and Count Basie slow blues

Forced abortion policy provokes outrage in China

A shocking look inside Apple's sweat shops

Choosing a survival retreat

Robin Williams impersonator, David Born

6 kinds of pills Big Pharma tries to get you hooked on for life

Virginia governor endorses use of drones in US

A chemtrail story

Astounding guitarist Randy Johnson

CIA admits it monitors Facebook, social media

America's forgotten white slaves

Django Reinhart - king of jazz guitarists

Lucid dreams now available on demand

Hidden history of organized medicine

Abortionist fed aborted fetuses to dogs

India's designer baby factories

Scopolamine: world's most dangerous drug

500 kiloton nuclear bomb and sub "missing"

Brit specialist paid to tear families apart

Czech metal thieves dismantle and steal entire 10-ton bridge

Exploding iceberg in Antartica

Hank Garland plays- Sugarfoot Rag

Phillipine scams and warnings

MUST SEE- Russian speaker of the house threatens world destruction with WMDs

Real reason why the US wants to attack Iran

Sex is their business

Monsanto threatens to sue entire state of Vermont

30% of all Internet traffic is for porn

Stunning report on "After-birth abortions"...asks why should the baby live?

Top ten facts about the Koch brothers

Stunning success of Finland's educational system

Amazing German bird-man

Monsanto voted most evil corporation in the world

Classic Bluesman Little Walter- Juke

US gvt biowarfare labs- timeline

LSD experiment- 1950's housewife

New high-tech birth control method for men

I Concentrate on You- Steve Abshire guitar solo

Archive of MP3 lectures of Terrence Mckenna

Newborn seized from mom for questioning social worker about vaccinations

English clergyman hospitalized for potato stuck in his bum

Jack Kerouac reads poetry- San Fransisco scene

Homosexual film from the 1950's

Organ donation- what you don't know

Mondo Balordo- 1960's documentary film

Healthcare system 3d leading cause of death in US

America's most criminal enterprise: state confiscation of children

Bush, Cheney facing charges of war crimes

Chris Hedges- death of the liberal class

1969 heroin educational film

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states

US military biological experiments on US citizens LEGAL until 1998

St Petersburg bans "homosexual propaganda"

Urine therapy for health problems?

Lazlo Moholy Nagy - permanent experiment- 1930's

Ontario official says teachers are "co-parents"

Anti-marijuana film from 1930

Women- know your limits!

The Beau Brummels -Laugh, Laugh- Shindig, 1965

Harvard study says pasteurized milk causes cancer

Father arrested, strip searched, after 4-year-old daughter draws picture of a gun in school

Mother of 5 answers back at FBI home visit

Inside Boston's "the old Howard" burlesque house

CIA whistleblower talks about heart attack gun

Why 49 advertisers dropped Limbaugh

Peep shows in 1970's New York

Guitarist Wes montgomery- Days of Wine and Roses

Ageing and alkalinity

G. Edward Griffin talks about chemtrails

10 best researched herbs

71-year-old Mimi Kirk, world's sexiest vegan

Howard Zinn- You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train

Atomic cannon shot (1953)

How to live in your car

The truth about fluoride- what every mother should know

Chronological history of the New World Order

1958 book exposes chemical attack on the masses

1950's street photos of Montreal

Psychology of tyranny for the masses

Occupy movement draws strength from the powerless

Hungary destroys all Monsanto GMO corn

Mortage settlement to lower real estate values

Interview with child killer, Ryan Blum

Cops bust naked burglar covered in peanut butter and chocolate

China jails dissident for poem sent over Internet

Binaural beats unisonic ascencion

The Seeds' Pushing Too Hard (1967 video)

How young people view the furure- then and now

Abandoning ethics to solve organ donation problem

Portrait of American suburbia in 1950's

US killing own soldiers with depleted uranium

Polygamous family in Utah, one man and four wives

Interview with William Gibson

74-year-old man swallows dentures during sex with prostitute, dies

Why the French have better parenting skills

Excellent letter from a former slave

Couple busted for flaming tampon attack on car

The Byrds - This Wheel's on Fire- 1968

SHTF lesson in contingency planning

Fluoride linked to cardiovascular disease

Health and survival in the 21st century

Dangers of GMO food

The Easybeats- 1967 video

1980's performance art with Joe Coleman

To live in the 1920's

Modern ruins of California's Salton Sea

Early Beatles - There's a place

FDR 1936 speech warns against Republican liars

Robert Reich: economic lies that divide us

1988 performance art

Top ten brothels from around the world

Incredible photos of Hollywood from the 1930's and 1940's

Arthur Lipsett 1962 artistic video on modern life

Monsanto "wins" award for most evil corporation on planet

How ships move guns and drugs

FDR: I welcome their hatred

Chemtrail deniers continue despite evidence to the contrary

Young Loretta Lynn sings on the old Porter Wagoner TV show

Postive effects of the New Deal

Bill Gates invests in Monsanto, says GMO's needed to fight starvation

The picture that has shamed Italy

Milton Friedman on bailouts

Behold the brave emancipated modern man

Sexual battery charges against 6-year-old for game of tag in playground

Florida proposal to use sports stadiums to house the homeless

All MIT courses now online and

How to start and maintain a conversation

Orgone observations working with orgonite

Bread and Roses Strike of 1912-Lawrence, Massachusetts

Body of unborn baby found at Indiana sewage station

Fidel Castro attacks US Republicans "idiocy and ignorance"

Consuming kids: the marketing of childhood

Google will know more about you than your partner

Are you eating this fast food atrocity? You won't anymore after you see this...

Former government employee reveals facts on chemtrails

Zimbawean women accused of drugging and raping men

Chinese harvesting organs of political prisoners

Iceland voters declare independence from international banks- refuse bailouts

Man arrested after raping stranger, then leaving her his phone number

Woman dies of shock after awakening at her own funeral

How to avoid voting for a globalist puppet

Ron Paul- on the military industrial complex

Then and now- how things have changed

War-vangelicals and the concept of "just war"

US taxpayers bailing out Eoropean banks

Reported 20% of Americans mentally ill

Over 54 million US abortions since Roe vs Wade

Baby dies after 9 vaccinations in one day

Inside the real North Korea by Kim's forsaken son

Cell 36:Palestinian children locked in solitary confinement

Cure for cancer begins by understanding it

Interview with director Oliver Stone: America set for a fall

Pentagon drones now doing US domestic surveillance flights

Romney's top 3 donors are bailed-out banks

Photos of Hell's Angels from 1965

YOur wages to be cut in half

Aluminum and fluoride result in dementia

Newspaper boss "sorry" over suggestion to assassinate Obama

Greek uproar over decison to consider pedophilia as a "disability"

Homeland security recording every keystroke

Ex-wife says Gingrich lacks moral character to be president

Scientists grow meat in labs

Court-ordered abortion overturned by higher court

The truth about Splenda

Sweedish gvt crushing homeschoolers with massive fines and child seizures

Italian priest exorcism

Cops say drunk driver hit 100 mph going wrong way on highway for 18 miles

Beheadings in US look like work of cartels

New law to protect rats

Foreign company buys election results reporting firm

Sign online petition to stop SOPA

Iran signs its own death warrant- from Veterans Today

Stunning new Senate bill authorizes revocation of American citizenship

Turmeric (spice) offers powerful anti-cancer properties

Doug Casey on the largest scam in history

Mitt Romney is in the 0.01%

War monger Romney wants to double size of Guantanamo

Education reformers send their kids to private schools

US government allegedly witholding information on drone flights within US borders

Anger in SF over $270 fee (plus monthly charge) to opt out of smart meter

Santorum favors assination of Iranian scientists

Cannabis health benefits

The most dangerous man in Washington

North Koreans jailed for not crying at dictator's funeral

Salt Lake City voted "most gay" in US

10 very weird modern ruins

Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated

Internet dependency physically alters brain

37 photos from a 1980's sci-fi convention

Man drowns himself in vat of whiskey

Greek children being dumped in streets by parents who can't afford them

When Romney Came to Town

The budget for chemtrails/geoengineering

Cleveland to demolish 20,000 homes

Understnding America's class system- Joe Bageant

7 biggest economic lies explained in two minutes

All you need to know about Mitt Romney

Gadgets, geeks and gaming in Las Vegas

Ghandi's 7 habits for defective people

The US most consistenly wrong journalist

Monsanto GMO corn approves despite massive opposition

Don't like SOPA? Here's what to do about it

Mafia is Italy's biggest business

Billy Ward and the Domionoes- Sixty Minure Man

Snator Bernie Sanders guide to corporate freeloaders

First (legal) male prostitute quits after two months on the job

Stop the smart meter: coming to your town

Young college Republican chickenhaws

Draft young Republican chickenhawks

Gannesville, Fla become world leader in solar power

American chickenhawk patriots- a collection of America's greatest hypocrites

Iowa vote count irregularities

Phil Donahue- How many wars do you want in your lifetime

BBC report on American Nomads

Ted Kennedy 1994 ads against Mitt Romney: Bain Capital job killer

Ron Paul destroys "chickenhawk" Gingrich in debate

Former CIA agent- America creates its own enemies

Cops raid organic food sellers

Gloria Stienem was a CIA spy

Workers in a Slovenian slaughterhouse

What Monsanto doesn't want you to know

5 ridiculous sex myths from history

Home movies of Eva Braun- Hitler's girl

Margaret Sanger- eugenicist

They were slaves and they were white- a revisionist view of slavery

Catherine Austin Fitts on Wall St. corruption- and who's really in charge

American empire is ending- Chris Hedges

Labyrinth of the psychopath

Charles Manson- message to humans on earth

Iceland's example to the world

Gerald Celente on safe haven opportunities

Marginalizing Ron Paul

Is carbon currency the end game?

Japan anti-nuke activist found dead from shotgun blast

Occult meaning of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"

RIP Bill of Rights 1789-2011

Coca-Cola accused of propping up dictator

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states

What really happened at Pearl Harbor- an alternative viewpoint

Iceberg Slim interview

No longer just theories: top 10 conspircy facts of 2011

The great depression and racial segregation

Iraqi girls forced into prostitution

Young soldier tells father he is gay (live)

Obama signs indefinite detention bill

Kosher sex toys

Nightmare on Wall Street: 4 other times the economy crashed

Separate but equal: rare images from the old segregated south

Korean dog meat market

Florida cops crackdown on little girls' lemonade stand

Damascus daydream: Syrian masturbation epidemic

Open letter to farmers and consumers

10 cops raid 10 cent lemonade stand

This chart will terrify US homeowners

US gvt audit reveals astounding 16 trillion secret Fed bailouts- much of it to foreign banks

Underage woman sues bar for not carding her and preventing accident that left her paralyzed

Lieberman new bill: oppose US government and lose your citizenship

5 most dangerous countries on earth

Japan Maglev train fastest in world

Roxxxy, the talking sex robot

World Future Society ten predictions

Fast food chains give up using "pink slime" on their products

Confessions of an online scammer

Conspiracy of Silence- documentary banned from US television

Dow Chemical's deadly harvest- the return of Agent Oragnge

"China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third world war."

Child sex slavery thriving in US

Nasty truth about Facebook

Order of Death- documentary on super-secretive Bohemian Grove

Armenian women have average of 8- and individually as much as 20- abortions during their lifetimes

Russia warns US hands off Iran

Chi energy- an amazing story

How to find and keep a soul mate- by Al Frye

Rumsfeld- they couldn't find 2.3 trillion dollars

Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels - Hollywood a go-go 1965

Fidel Castro on NATO

Qigong master projects his chi energy

10 things to do before the economy collapses

New police "tool" to stop protestors from breathing

Air sex world championship: men and women compete in simulating sexual activities

Social security gets you minimum wage lifestyle

IBM says mind control possible in five years

Mom and daughter jailed after fight over same man

Best memoirs and biographies of 2011

Infomercial king Kevin Trudeau fines $38 million

Top foods to avoid if you have high blood pressure

Bishop George Packard,"This vacant lot is now occupied."

He took a polaroid every day- until the day he died

Pen removed from woman's stomach still writes after 25 years

From Hollywood saint to whore: the Ingrid Bergman cheating scandal

Firebombing of Dresdan : 1945 newsreel

RIP- Christppher Hitchens' best stuff

Willie Nelson: occupy the food system

Ayn Rand: champion of selfishness and greed

Mini- nukes and other 21st century weaponry

Rioting in Egyptian streets (graphic violence)

Benefits of organic food ( PDF download)

Goeorge Carlin on Rush Limbaugh

Palestine before 1948

Homophobic men most aroused by gay male porn

40% of drugs administered wrongly in hospitals

Abortion clinics fined for tossing aborted babies into open dumpsters

George Carlin on extreme human behavior

Childbirth from closeup

10 weird human sex facts

John Wayne's three Latina wives

Could the desert sun power the world?

Living with Fukushima's deadly environment

Forced sterilization: Peru's dirty secret

Maine farmer leads fight against Monsanto

Diary of a porn store clerk

USAF dumps soldiers's remains in landfill

Poles dispute Smolensk plane crash "official story"

Monsanto declared worst company of 2011

5 top regrets of the dying

Rape in the US Military: America's dirty secret

Land of the free: home of the hungry

Romney's miserable job creation record

Ron Paul highlights: speaks against endless war for peace

Retired police chief in full uniform arrested at Occupy Wall St. protest

Don Draper: how to handle an argumentatative hippie

Stop SOPA, save the Internet

Public uproar after UC Davis cops pepper spray protestors

Look out, Segway- here is your competition

Fannie, Freddie execs score $100 million payday

Woman disfigured in meth lab explosion- still can't kick habit

20 most overrated bodybuilding supplements

Incredible color film of VJ day 1945- Honolulu

Michael Moore's luxury $2 million manison

US pharmaceutical firms conducting human experiments in Africa

$3600 now median net worth of people under 35

Dollar is toast; future is in silver

Incredible: US government forces private citizens to pour bleach on home-grown organis food

Unsercover FBI porn site snares federal agent

Survival condos at the end of the world

Microwave radiation dangers in your house

5 ways fear of masturbation shaped the modern world

20 biggest CEO payraises

Mexican trucks now allowed on US roads

The abolition of work- classic contrarian essay

Couple married 72 years die one hour apart- holding hands

The New Totalitarianism

China orders crackdown on "vulgar" TV shows

STDs running rampant at FLA retirement community

Sausage- the Greek anti-autoritarian riot dog

MSGs nasty legacy

Man busted for impersonating doctor, giving free door to door breast exams

Brooklyn teen gangs from 1959- pictures

Extraordinary high radiation levels in Tokyo

astounding- most CEOs on Obama's jobs council shipping thousands of jobs out of US

Mormon bishop's daughter on Mitt Romney's secrets

What in the world are they spraying?

Homeland security's "pre-crime" detection program

71-year-old woman busted in naked sex romp in car

Fox-banned video of Ron Paul

Vintage Madison Avenue ads

Women as young as 18 resorting to online sperm donors

Hungary destroys all GMO Monsanto corn

Steve Jobs had LSD, we have the Iphone

Cat scans for kids prompting radiation fears

California cops "guns drawn" raids on natural health food stores

EU ban on herbs and vitamins

R.I. school to begin microchipping students

10 most radioactive places in the world

US government poisoning us with chemtrails- share this video

Woman dies after injecting hot beef fat into face

Commander Camila- Chile's new student leader who can shut down the state

Gordon Ramsey dwarf porn double killed by badgers

New drug kills cancer with one treatment and no side effects

Blue Dragon Mountain- thriving Chinese town that doesn't exist officially

Jesse Ventura talks 9/11, Fox idiot leaves stage

CIA whistleblower talks about "heart attack" gun

Edson's secret experiments on spiritualism

Conference aims to normalize pedophilia

Myths about organic food

Absolute high weirdness retro photos

Stunning visualization of US debt

Memories of Thailand's last executioner

Roy Masters - understnding evil

Family faces $4 million fine for selling bunny rabbits

Bull semen spill forces closure of highway ramp

Brazilian woman public exorcism

Cops raid raw milk dealers

Hidden food growing in your yard

Awesome blues guitar- early Jimi Hendrix

State pays convicted sex offenders as baby sitters

Confessions of a cancer-industry insider

Chief of Obama´s JOBS COUNCIL discovered shipping jobs to China

Woman injured in power tool sex toy encounter

9/11 hero debunks official story

40 ways middle class in being dismantled

Russianman kills wife with home made missle

Spain´s indignados take to the streets

First Iranian nuke plant to go online in weeks

MA man faces 5 years for recording confrontation with cops

Jon Stewart- Why are they repressing Ron Paul (again)

Denigration of white working class, and the world as a ghetto

UK banks invested in cluster bomb industry

Strange sex: the mental orgasm

Clip of Sunset Strip -1964

Moody's threatening downgradein 5 states

The Doors' Peace Frog -with lyrics

Mel Blanc in LA in 1951 "Want to buy a record?"

Drink cow piss for health

SF cops kill 19-year-old over $2 bus fare (graphic)

Incredibe visualization of a trillion dollars

EPA gives millions in handouts to China and Russia

Greece: selling gold teeth to make ends meet

Woman awakens then dies at ther own funeral

Scientist sees an end to aging coming soon

The truth about pharmaceutical drugs by an ex-employee

10 common but deadly plants

The (very) secret history of Area 51

Man charged with sexaul assault on unconscious woman: says he "thought she was dead"

Man invents world's first flying motorcycle

Woman awarded $95M damages after supervisor masturbates on her

Iceland declares independence from banks

North Korea shuts down universities for 10 months

Cold fusion reconsidered

1894 pamphlet advises brides

The rise and fall of Myspace

The horrors of commercial pet food

Lab grown meat coming soon

Man intentionally farts on cop charged with battery

Anti-gay fundamentalist pastor arrested for public masturbation

Robo-waiters are here, now

Area 51- uncensored

10 worst colleges in the US- and the three best

The Patriot Act used to target non-violent dissent by American citizens

Student protesting school prayer at graduation gets death threats

10 dumb lies women tell men

5 facts of life about being poor

Rare depression era color photos

The life and times of Larry Flynt

Police interrogations in Ukraine

Catholic cemeteries to permit gas driling between headstones

World War II- photo essay: life before the war

Michele Bachmann's holy war

CROKODIL- the drug that eats junkies

A brief history of corporations

Humans can detect magnetic fields

Cost of solar energy falling rapidly

The making of a Japanese virtual pop-star

Americans- not Germans- created Eugenics

50 random fcts about carpets

Nobel laureate touts cold fusion energy

Three questions Trump didn't ask Obama

Roundup weed killer causes birth defects

Florida man arrested for in-flight masturbation

The unstoppable march of big tobacco giants

FBI now tracking political activists as terrorists

British royalty once dined upon human flesh

Chinese "World of Warcraft" forced labor

Ann Coulter: radiation is good for you

How to get a real college education

Photos of Moscow in 1909

Brazil's deadly new cheap drug- worse than crack

The influencing machine: comic book study

Abandoned New Orleans amusement park- pics

Graphic depiction of a trillion dollars

Things we're #1 in...

Biology that makes us tick

4 hiring mistakes and how to prevent them

Welcome to Pyongyang

People snorting bath salts to get cocaine-like high

Florida passes bestiality law on third attempt

Scientists cure cancer but no one takes notice

Taekwondo monkeys attack karate master

33 conspiracy theories tht turned out to be true

American hellholes

1977- a year on the road

Alternatives to austerity

Why isn't Wall St. in jail?

100 years of auto brochures

Union busting in America

New York City anti-abortion billboard

Russian woman overcomes robber, keeps him as sex slave

Prince Charles gets massive payraise

25 signs that US on verge of final collapse

16 bad signs for US economy

Most medical research studies are wrong

Global plans to replace the dollar

One man's story of young women in nihilistic dating scene

Story of aborted unborn twin sparks heavy backlash in Canada

19 facts about the deindustrialization of America

Growth of prisons-for-profit in US

Medical doctors third leading cause of death in US

German people in fierce rebellion against NWO/ cops

Ten weird almost-nations of the world

Baby rescued from dumpster by man who later learns he is the father

Man arrested after allegedly humping car in public

North Korea threatens "holy war" with south Korea

right-winger Pat Robertson: legalize pot!

Ghosts towns of China from satellite images

Debt crisis threatens to bring down 100 US cities

Canadian study: give free liquor to the homeless

US empire could collapse at any time

Britain's youngest parents- aged 14

Exploring the Paris metro

SA government threathers DUI drivers with prison rape

1974 letter from Cleveland Browns to disgruntled fan

Why lesbians make more $ than hetero women

Gay and lesbian kiss-in for Pope's visit to Spain

Unmanned drones to become common in everyday life

How large multinational companies bypass US taxes

20 valuable things you learn from traveling

Rod Serling speech from 1968

NY Times report: Nazis were given safe haven in US

Quantitative easing explained in everyday terms

China's censorship battles against the Internet

Tea party candidates slurping up money from banks

The ever-expanding quest for a legal high

America for sale- excerpts from "Griftopia"

Top 10 facts about modern slavery

See what happens to ants when they eat aspartame: (sweetener used in Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi)

Victims of horrific CIA mind control win cash settlements

More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male

Chinese journalist: 10 years in prison for sending an email

Arrested man denies cocaine found in buttocks is his

Facts about US government's dysfunctional "School of the Americas"

Boy survives 20-story fall onto car

Chinese woman marries herself

Gerald Celente: food riots, tax rebellion coming

Trail in Israel over 2003 murder of peace activist Rachael Corrie

Important information about Chinese products contaminated with melamine

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Confessions of a sports agent

McDonald's hamburger- four years and running without decomposing

Fascinating police mug shots from 1920's

Caught spying on student, FBi demands GPS return

Lured and then tortured for being gay

Male chauvinist ads from the 1950's

Ghost towns of Japan

US apologizes for giving Guatemalans STDs

Pictures of (soviet) Lithuania from the 1960's

Firefighters watch as home burns to ground

Killing each Taliban soldier costs $50 million

Student shot dead at Bible college

World silent as Isreal jails Nobel Prize winner

William Burroughs article on Led Zeppelin (1975)

Nuclear bomb photography

LA cops find mummified babies

50 most influential progressives of the 20th century

Edison's electric car (1912!)

Science says semen is a mind-altering drug

Biggest loser in Las Vegas history

Florida Koran-burner: creepier than you think

Strange Ukranian salt mines for convalescing asthma patients

Family receives $1.5 million award in vaccine/ autism case

Angry Harry- why governments love feminism

US military officers demand 9/11 truth

Treasury website for donations to reduce US gvt. debt ( incredible!)

More than 40% of domestic violence is by women

Feds tell court: they decide what you eat

The hymen reconstruction industry: re-engineering virgins

20 things you will need in an economic collapse

"World's luckiest man" gives away lottery fortune

Amazing 1958 speech by Robert Welch predicts today's problems

Riot dog becomes hero in Athens protests

People taking back homes from banks

Trilateral Commission spoiling for war with Iran

Ron Paul: Euro bailout will lead to currency collapse

Teacher deems American flag offensive

What people in 1900 thought 2000 would be like

Funeral home displays dead man mounted on motorcycle for wake

Orange juice: not as healthy as you think

How we became white people

Minds on the Edge: documentary about mental illness

Video of swat team raid on Missouri family

Ronald Reagan was into the occult

Her son was killed at Kent State 40 yers ago

Indian "holy man" arrested over sex scandal

Inside the home of a serial killer

Exxon income tax bill: zero

9 food ingredients to avoid

100-year-old pedophile sent back to prison

3-year-old German boy comes back from dead

Incredibly stupid "tobacco candy" threat to kids

Sexual repression of China's rural housewives

Race prejudice as self-rejection- 1956 pamphlet

How do doctors treat pedophiles?

Jim Marshall, rock and roll photographer, dead at 74

Cops and CPS seize child from parents for mistrusting government

The 40-yard-dash: average guy vs. pro athlete

Incredible old photos of NY's Lower East Side

50 amazing photos

The human cost of empire

The 48 laws of power

Vivek- the homeless prophet

Human swarm devours dead elephant

Chronicles of a Soviet capitalist

Japanese atrocities from World War II

Richard Feynman and the connection machine

Suicide notes from real life

World's best card stacker

Catholic church chief exorsist claims Satanism in Vatican

Cheese made from human milk

Advice from a foreign dating service operator.

Human flesh search engines- China

Hidden and forgotten: mental hospitals

Civil suit starts in Isreal over activist Rachael Corrie death

Bill to get US out of NAFTA

China's dog and cat meat markets

Leaked memeo reveals Toyota workers' saftety concerns

Treasury to attach defaulted loans from elderly social security recipients

Brain scans can read people's thoughts

"I'm a prisoner of porn and I can't escape..."

Sex research ruined by porn-loving men

Apple admits use of child labor

Newborns blood used in secret DNA database

Orgone biophysical research lab

After shooting chimp, a cop's descent

Company plans production of jet-packs

Brother Andre- Quebec's humble healer

Understanding the coming worldwide depression

Young, educated and jobless in china

The steam powered vibrator and other terrifying sex toys from yesteryear

Incredible badass ways men have won the Medal of Honor

Wall St. setting up another crash- executive bonuses continue

Japan's annual phallus worship festival

Why do people vote against their own interests?

Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer: "Israel acts like Nazis"

$7000 talking sex robot goes on sale to public

Awful truth about fluoridated water

Cat predicts 50 deaths in RI nursing home

US assylum for persecuted German homeschoolers

Mother of four dies in botched abortion in NYC women's center

Bothered by bill collectors? Sue them. Here's how.

20 reasons US economy will not recover

Office worker goes postal, tears up workplace

US economy being tanked on purpose? You decide.

Mind-boggling Incompetence of Martha Coakley

Mysterious, unexplained deaths of microbiologists

Corrupt child protective services racket

Incredible wifi air battery charger

Incredible film noir photos of old LA

Women with PSAS having orgasms 24/7

Top 1% own 43% of all wealth in US

Welcome to the world of LOW-tech!

10 sci-fi weapons that actually exist

Tips for single ladies (1938)

Top 10 mafias in the world

Techniques of a professional pickpocket

Worst construction mistakes around the world

Vaccine secrets

Nevada brothel to hire first male prostitutes

Man charged with assault after punching child molestor

The hidden side of Dubai

German hookers giving "green" discounts

On sadhana shakti

Gangland tourism comes to LA

Lobbying activities of Phil Gramm- the banker's friend

43 things actually said in job interviews

Cancer profiteers? new chemo med costs $30,000 month

Bizzare tongue-eating parasite off Jersey shore

56 ethnic groups in China

10 best places to live to escape world conflict

2-year-old taken by state because Mom REFUSES to feed him junk food

Doctor says avoid ALL vaccinations

Boy, 4, expelled from school for violent behavior

China- where the air is like lead

Former Miss Argentina dead from cosmetic surgery to buttocks

Adolf Hitler's paintings

16 ships that pollute as much as ALL the cars in the world

Video clip of Obama's campaign promise to end war (October 2007)

1935 sewer gator story confirmed as true

How the crash will affect America

200000 animals slaughtered at one-day Hindu festival

California schools let 12 year olders get abortions without parental notification

10 states face imminent bankruptcy

Kurt Vonnegut's letters from Dresden

Gibson guitar plant busted

Human fat harvesters arrested in Peru

A catalogue of willful human ignorance

Russians to bury waste in unstable volcano

10 most expensive accidents in history

Naked pumpkins, sex offenders, and terrorists

Nikola Tesla- the forgotten wizard

West Bank rabbi: OK for Jews to kill gentiles who pose threat to Isreal

Every phone call, email and website hit recorded by gvt.

Amazing 45% of Spain's energy comes from WIND

America's concentration camps

Last call for Detroit

Was Johnny Cash a leftist?

Scientific proof of life after death?

Shocking 19th century rules for breaking slaves

Why boys are turning into girls

Treasure hunting novice strikes gold

Incredibly polluted China

Japanese fishing boat sunk by giant jelly fish

Computer shows your thoughts on screen

Farming with dynamite

7 most inappropriate Christmas toys

Weird neon tube fighting in Japan

Sen. Al Franken humbles dilettante doctor over healthcare bankruptcies

Juarez, Mexico- new murder capitol of the world

Piracy in Somalia: the rest of the story

Shocking list of ingredients for Glaxo H1N1 vaccine

Ammunition hoarding sweeps US

18 reasons not to vaccinate your kids

German prostitutes' "people skills" used to care for the elderly

Vaccine creators refuse to take H1N1 flu vaccine

Was Ernest Hemmingway murdered by government?

Tibetan burial ritual (graphic, disturbing)

New York City homicides map

Amazing world records for alcohol consumption

Mackenzie Phillips alleges incestuous relationsip with rock star dad

Where have all the leaders gone?

Recession-hit brothels offer incentives

Hyperinflation coming

The hell of war comes home to us

Inside a horse slaughter house (graphic)

16-year-old strippers legally working in Rhode Island

Vaccination myths and truths

Cops taser grandpa and pregnant mom at Baptism party

Incredible 1979 interview with Peace Pilgrim

Dangerous substances in Flu H1N1 Shots

Sex and romance: detours on the road to a life

Toxic sodium laurel sulfate in your shampoo

Woman faces child porn charges for taking photos of herself breastfeeding her child

10 most common toxic food additives

French threaten to burn down factory

Excellent TV report on chemtrails

What men don't "get" about women

Incredible pics from Somerset rock fest in England

How to fight false allegations of abuse

10 excruciating medical procedures from the Middle Ages

"Gayby boom" kids talk about their parents

Cheney jokes with David Rockefeller about CFR membership

Woman pleads no contest in potato chips for sex case

Disney accused of promoting "heteronormativity"

Shocking 1994 video shows Cheney telling the truth about Iraq

Christian rock album covers

High ranking defectors speak about Scientology

DSS Dirty Tricks

Album covers from the USSR

Segregated high school proms in Georgia

Strange abandoned places of the world

25 top censored news stories of 2009

The coming economic collapse

Obama in impressive fly killing demonstration

10 hardest jobs to fill in US

The secret history of Silicon Valley

Keg parties of yesteryear

Al Queda torture handbook

Test your brain power against others

Cool photos of New York from the 1940's

List of Canadian vaccines made from aborted baby parts

10 things you didn't know about orgasm

Cheney admits no link between Iraq and 9/11

1967 True Magazine report on UFOs

How to remove fluorides from drinking water

George Carlin on freedom of choice ( video)

80 strangest buildings in the world

Incredible worldwide garbage crisis (pictorial)

H-bomb lost near Savannah, Georgia

Sex in the middle ages

Chinese ordered to smoke more to boost economy

Breast milk cheese served at art show

Cops raid organic food co-op with guns drawn

50 strange buildings of the world

Cruise ship fends off pirate attack with gunfire

64 things every computer geek should know

World's first electric car invented in 1884

Iceland: harbinger of worldwide collapse

The underground world of neuroenhancing drugs

Questions but few answers after banking CFO "suicide"

The whole truth about pirates and why they do it

From Cold War bomb shelter to a mansion

House passes "Mandated" mother's mental health bill

FBI spied on Tea Party attendees

Republican vet tells Rush Limbaugh, "Your a brainwashed Nazi." (audio)

Mob stones Afghan women at protest

"Conjugal harmony" website for dating incarcerated females

Is your cardiologist killing you?

Cato Institute: Drug decriminalization in Portugal working

Dubai dream turns into nightmare

The George Carlin method for dealing with hecklers (video)

Sodis- Simple water purification technology

Mammograms can cause breast cancer

Korean sex slave- porn star commits suicide

Mind altering vacations

Hundreds evicted from tent city for being homeless

Inside Paris' Museum of Eroticism

Iranian court decision allows woman to blind attacker with acid

New X-12 long distance taser

Urban exploration: under the streets of Paris

Vatican aids Italian cops against rising number of Satanic crimes

Hack your brain for happiness

US gvt to buy Chinese condoms, ending 300 jobs

Photos of the Great Depression of 2009

World champion rat catcher in Bangladesh

The disappearing male- toxic legacy of hormone disrupting chemicals

Romania considering decriminalizing incest

Various sweat scents noted by women

Fascinating college lecture on neurobiology of primate sexuality

America 100 years ago pics

Chinese "worried" about US treasury holdings

An articulate view advocating conservativism by Milton Freidman (video)

IBM offers laid off workers jobs in India

50 reasons to oppose fluoride

Raytheon's pain ray; coming to a protest near you

Catholics decry anti-Christianity in Israel

The coming evangelical collapse

Here's what 16 weeks of steroids can do

Doctor prescribed drugs killing more people than street drugs

Photos of Mexico under siege

Useful metaphors to visualize a trillion dollars

Art history archive

Morgue worker has sex with over 100 dead bodies

Republican lobbyist Phil Gramm screws up world financial system

Bailed out bank throws lavish LA bash

Long term Viagra use destroys sex drive

Stange deaths of microbiologists

Excellent art history website

57 Windows cleaning and diagnosis tools

Popular teacher kills armed home invader

New Delhi's sewer workers

Ron Jeremy: my life as a porn star

Why people are fat

Conservative pudit Fred Barnes says global warming manmade- but doesn't know why

Injured man dies after 14 hospitals turn him away

Nurse suspended for offering to pray for patient

Defendant smears feces on court lawyer, flings it at jury

New bill to create detention camps for "emergencies"

Doctors stumped by strange Israeli weapon

C.G. Jung's view of the shadow self

Hookers for Jesus- a personal testimony

100 facts and one opinion about war in Iraq

Wealthy men give women more orgasms

Free MIT online science courses

USSR schoolchildren 1987 pics

Warren Buffet: US economy a new Pearl Harbor

Dirty secrets of college admissions

BW photos of old New York

Why government requires warning lables on toothpaste

25 top censored news stories of 2008

Old Brooklyn pics

Japan's booming sex niche: elder porn

A view of war in Gaza (graphic)

Thoughts worth thinking

US porn industry seeks $5 billion bailout

Israel using white phosphorous in Gaza

Incredible wing suit base jumping (video)

Sick baby seal hunt in Canada (graphic


Top philosophers compressed

Top journalists expose major cover-ups

Japanese inventor lives with devoted robot-wife

Pensioners flock to Polish sex shop

Newly developed hovering killer robot (video)

Square America snapshot archive

Venice under water

Mental illness in America's prisons (video)

Iranian justice: an eye for an eye-literally

Doctor uses LSD for cancer patients

Arabs surf Israeli porn sites

Sick Danish whale slaughter (graphic)

Second thoughts on fluoride (nasty stuff)

Urine therapy; drink your piss for health (serious)

Tesla: the race to zero point energy (video)

Incredible Antarctica photos

Strange amusements parks of North Korea

Formaldehyde flavor in canned beer

Mercury-containing flu vaccinations offered to qeueing voters

50 dumbest quotes from Bush

10 most expensive accidents in history


MSG linked to weight gain, obesity

11 lessons from "The Fog of War"

Government robots to hunt down uncooperative humans

Vintage 1960's airline stewardess page

More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette (incredible 1950's video)

Forced mental health screening for your kids


How to embalm a body

World's top ten mad scientists (disturbing)

Congress told martial law imposed if no bailout

Trash-out crews working home foreclosures

Prescription meds kill more people than street drugs

Cops taser 82-year-old heart patient in hospital bed

Kurt Vonnegut on the firebombing of Dresden

Incredible space satellite photos of earth

Russia warns of World War 3 if US attacks Iran

World's greatest drunkard ever

Russia's sex slave graveyard

Massive chemtrail spraying over Bangor, Maine

Covers from trashy 1960's paperbacks


How Nigerian email scammers get rich

Lost America- photography of the abandoned West

Ten videos that will change your world view

First-timers guide to visiting Burning Man

Newer Internet coming, 10000X faster

Top 10 George Carlin quotes

Necrophilia more common than people think


Survey of 1000 women reveals what works for them in bed

Globe trotting Rick Steves on smoking weed

History's unsolved mysteries

Incredible new facial animation technology (clip)

Dead baby comes back to life in hospital refrigerator

Most lucrative college majors

10 worst job interview questions ever

Cops taser boy with broken back 19 times

Pet rabbit saves owners from fire

The cost of empire


No blacks or Mongolians allowed in Chinese bars

French riots 1968

Politically incorrect advice for young men

George Carlin's last interview

Does the American flag belong in church?

Bill Cosby: politically incorrect advice for America's black people

Harvard study reveals vast majority of Israeli Jews and Arabs want to coexist peacefully

Silencing the witnesses to war

A lesson for every man

VA confirms 18 war veterans commit suicide every day

10 absolute worst business decisions in history


Confessions of an economic hitman (video)

General says Bush administration guilty of wars crimes

8 drugs doctors won't take

Cancer patient cured with his own immune cells

Diet foods and MSG cause obesity

French government censors Internet

Agent orange, depleted uranium, and "eating your own."

Where our gasoline money goes-Dubai (incredible)

Free trade may be nearing the end

Bush says God told him to invade Iraq

Incredible 1970's inner city photo gallery

Farming with dynamite-1910 pamphlet

25 shocking facts about the pharmaceutical industry

Alien-like being born in Thailand

One lone man takes on poverty

Incredible crop circle in Korea

Enviro skeptic authors financed by conservatives

Feminism mostly based on faulty premises

Aluminum's toxic effects on the brain

Skeletons in John McCain's closet

Experts warn of $12 gas

Ethanol is a scam

Persecution of Christians around the world

11 lessons from The Fog of War


What happens in your body when you drink a soda

Top 10 banned movies of the 20th century

Pentagon blocked Cheney's attack on Iran

TV station confirms barium in chemtrails

European parliament passes resolution against depleted uranium munitions

Top 10 declassified government secrets

Chinese black market for body exhibits

A Manhattan project for alternative energy

Depleted uranium weapons more damaging than conventional nuclear weapons

The White Rose: the other Germany of poets and thinkers

Can you tell if someone has HIV?

Fluoridated water causes depression

Secret government radioactivity experiments on unwilling and unknowing US citizens

111 nations ban cluster bombs- but not U.S.

If I see no evil,it doesn't exist... (warning-graphic)

Why we do dumb things

Why do people hate America?

Big business marketing body parts from aborted fetuses

Incredible 1970's photo gallery/Jacob Holdt

History of secret gov experiments on the American people

Beijing restaurants serving fetal soup (from abortions) as health food

The underground history of American education


GOP says you deserve an anti-depressant

Vatican exorcist on modern day Satanism

Fighting police abuse: a manual for communities

FBI posts hyperlinks to entrap child porn suspects

Stoned to death for falling in love

Why heavy drinkers are usually smokers

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld caught lying about Iraq

Reference list of corrupt Republicans ( comprehensive)

Howard Zinn on World War II

Pro and con views on today's most controversial issues

Smedley Butler; American patriot

Cruxifixes made by kids in horrific sweat shops

Dick Gregory wake up call

US military officers challenge 9/11 officail story

List of US military interventions since 1945

The leading cause of death in the US

Mike Wallace Interviews

France May 1968; the revolution of everyday life

See Donald Rumsfeld get caught in his own lies

Nuclear war survival skills

Quotes from famous vegetarians

US world leader in sales of weapons of mass destruction

How Slaughterhouse Five was born


Antidepressants perform no better than placebos

What you don't know about aspartame

You pay for war at the pump

Depleted uranium weapons education project

Depleted uranium weapons for dummies

Torturing kids in our name

Everything you know about milk is wrong

Friendly dictators club

15-year-old cancer patient wants help losing his virginity

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"Although war is 'used' as an instrument of national and social policy, the fact that a society is organized for any degree of readiness for war supersedes its political and economic structure. War itself is the basic social system, within which other secondary modes of social organization conflict or conspire. It is the system which has governed most human societies of record, as it is today."

Leonard Lewin, (1967), Report From Iron Mountain on the
Possibility and Desirability of Peace


"In 1968, the year I wrote Slaughterhouse Five, I finally became grown up enough to write about the bombing of Dresden. It was the largest massacre in European history. I, of course, know about Auschwitz, but a massacre is something that happens suddenly, the killing of a whole lot of people in a very short time. In Dresden, on February 13, 1945, about 135,000 people were killed by British firebombing in one night. It was pure nonsense, pointless destruction. The whole city was burned down, and it was a British atrocity, not ours. They sent in night bombers, and they came in and set the whole town on fire with a new kind of incendiary bomb. And so everything organic, except my little POW group, was consumed by fire. It was a military experiment to find out if you could burn down a whole city by scattering incendiaries over it."
—Kurt Vonnegut, A Man without a Country, 2005


We are thus in the position of having to borrow from Europe to defend Europe, of having to borrow from China and Japan to defend Chinese and Japanese access to Gulf oil, and of having to borrow from Arab emirs, sultans and monarchs to make Iraq safe for democracy. We borrow from the nations we defend so that we may continue to defend them. To question this is an unpardonable heresy called 'isolationism.'
-Patrick Buchanan


"In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all."
Strobe Talbot, President Clinton's Deputy Secretary of State, as quoted in Time, July 20th, l992.


The negative side to globalization is that it wipes out entire economic systems and in doing so wipes out the accompanying culture.
Peter L. Berger


"We don't have a lot of time on this earth! We weren't meant to spend it this way. Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about about mission statements."
Office Space, 1999

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If certain acts of violation of treaties are crimes, they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them. And we are not pre- pared to lay down the rule of criminal conduct against others which we would not be willing to have invoked against us. We must never forget that the record on which we judge these defendants is the record on which history will judge us tomorrow. To pass these defend- ants a poisoned chalice is to put it to our own lips as well.

-Justice Robert H. Jackson, chief prosecutor for the first of the Nuremberg trials.



"We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state and our education system. We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill war. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us."Charles Bukowski, beat poet and postal worker


"Luca Brasi was indeed a man to frighten the devil in hell himself. Short, squat, massive-skulled, his presence sent out alarm bells of danger. His face was stamped into a mask of fury. The eyes were brown but with none of the warmth of that color, more a deadly tan. The mouth was not so much cruel as lifeless; thin, rubbery and the color of veal . . . Luca Brasi did not fear the police, he did not fear society, he did not fear God, he did not fear hell, he did not fear or love his fellow man. But he had elected, he had chosen, to fear and love Don Corleone."


"No race of barbarians ever existed yet that offerred up children for money." Samuel Gompers


The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been two hundred years.
These nations have progressed through this sequence:
1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
2. from spiritual faith to great courage;
3. from courage to liberty;
4. from liberty to abundance;
5. from abundance to selfishness;
6. from selfishness to complacency;
7. from complacency to apathy;
8. from apathy to dependence;
9. from dependency back again into bondage.

Sir Alex Fraser Tyler: (1742-1813) Scottish jurist and historian

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